The sole distributor of Fujisori Japan in Singapore.

The general agent of Japan Tengsu Singapore is imported with original packaging, the anti-counterfeiting mark is a silver laser label, simplified characters, and it is a direct Singapore general agent* (Tengsu Singapore general agent, this article will talk about some Singapore agents in Japan in detail Source and authenticity of rattan.

Since there are counterfeit drugs, where do these counterfeit drugs come from? What made them, will they be harmful to the body? Currently, most of the fake Japanese tengsu drugs sold in Taiwan are from the mainland, and some are made by Malaysian counterfeit drug manufacturers. There are several types. One is made from corn flour and other edible powder plus pigments. Yes, this kind of eating will only have diarrhea at most, and there will be no more serious reactions. Of course, this kind of food will not have any effect.

What is Japanese tengsu?

There is another kind made with western medicine ingredients. The most obvious thing to eat is that it has strong side effects and the possibility of kidney dialysis, so we must be especially careful. Most of them use sildenafil, which is the main ingredient of Viagra. After taking the ingredients, many people think that this Japanese rattan is a genuine product, because some western medicine is added, which has a certain effect on erection and delay, but without the slightest therapeutic effect, kidney dialysis is also very possible!

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