Japantengsu a medicine or a health product?

Many men think that APANTENGSU is a medicine. In fact, APANTENGSU is a male health product. Why do many men take APANTENGSU as a medicine? Because its effects are comparable to medicines, what are the effects of APANTENGSU? What are the product advantages?

APANTENGSU has a good effect on male sexual dysfunction such as fatigue, premature ejaculation, weak erection, weak immunity, and prostatitis. It is currently the safest and most effective male health product. APANTENGSU, the foreign name JAPANTENGSU, only needs to take one at a time. It can effectively help men prolong the time of love. One tablet a day has a significant effect on the treatment of premature ejaculation. What are the advantages of this health care product?

Japantengsu is not a “special medicine” with immediate effect. The medicine needs to go through digestion and absorption steps before it enters the human body, so it needs to be taken in advance. It is generally best to take it about 1 hour before sexual activity, and it is also possible to take it 0.5-4 hours before. In addition, Japantengsu is not a male aphrodisiac. When there is no sexual stimulation, there will be no “estrus” phenomena such as flushing and hard lower body. Therefore, in order to get better results, don’t forget to have foreplay of love with your partner, such as kissing, caressing, etc. after medication.


Who can not use Japantengsu? People who drank alcohol should not take it, because alcohol can temporarily weaken erectile function, so in order to be effective, do not drink a lot of alcohol before sex. There is also that it cannot be taken after bathing, because the blood vessels under the skin of the human body expand, the blood flow of the skin increases, and the blood flow back to the heart increases accordingly. Taking the medicine again is bound to increase the load on the heart.

Japantengsu advantage 1: quick results, cultivate body function

Clinical verification: After taking Japanese Tensu’s aphrodisiac medicine, the kidney ability is obviously improved, the spirit is full, and the body is strong. Many patients have long-term frequent nocturia, waist and knee weakness, insomnia and dreaminess. The symptoms are significantly improved and eventually eliminated.

Japantengsu advantage 2: No fatigue and no sense of hollowing out during intercourse

The active ingredients of Japantengsu quickly activate the kidney cells and turn on the sealing function of the kidney for the second time. It has the special effects of nourishing the kidney, producing sperm and anti-fatigue, and there is no feeling of hollowing out after sex and no harm to the body.

Japantengsu advantage three: It uses the kidneys to pass the pulse and does not hurt the heart and brain

Japantengsu’s active ingredients directly nourish and regenerate kidney cells, comprehensively repair the kidney system, restore kidney function to a young state, and promote the kidney system to inject nutrients and power into the heart and brain vessels, improve microcirculation, and promote blood circulation throughout the body.

Because of these characteristics, Japantengsu can have the curative effect of medicines and will not have the side effects of medicines. The reason is that because of its herbal ingredients, it is gentle on the body, so many middle-aged and elderly people like to use this health care product, so we did not get Japanese manufacturers. Authorized by, other pharmacies can’t sell it. The general agent of Japan Fujitsu Hong Kong official website has been sold for many years, and the effect is guaranteed. For details, please click the link below to order the product