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The specifications of Japan Tengsu are as follows:

(1) [Ingredients of Japan Tengsu] Red root grass extract, stag whip extract, starch, etc.;

(2) [Efficacy of Japan Tengsu] male dysfunction, kidney deficiency, weakness and lack of energy, those who are prone to intercourse, those who have poor quality of sexual life, those who have insufficient hardness after genital congestion, and those who have a short time;

(3) [Specifications of Japanese rattan] 0.5g/tablet*16tablets/bottle/box

(4) [Japan Tengsu vegetarian method] Oral 20 minutes before sex, Asian people take 0.5-1 tablet each time, Eastern European and South African people take 1-2 tablets each time, do not overdo it, chew the effect better (age People who are larger and weaker will absorb it more slowly, so take it earlier);

Japan Tengsu combined with customers’ experience of the body, precisely selected precious herbal ingredients formula, has a good improvement on the growth of male sexual ability, the specific expression is:

(1) The ingredients are easier to absorb, allowing the ingredients to work faster, and can effectively promote the cycle effect;

(2) Extracting more herbal plant essence ingredients, the power of the product’s efficacy is further consolidated and strengthened, which can more effectively regulate male libido, promote penis growth and erection hardness;

(3) Adopting the internationally leading “technical formula, selected a variety of wild and precious herbs, it has a long-term health care effect on men’s physical and sexual performance, allowing you to more easily show strong motivation.

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